Terms and Conditions of Use

This online member database is created and maintained by PEEMPIP’s current member directories. PEEMPIP owns the exclusive rights to this database.

Connecting to the online member database establishes a user contract between PEEMPIP and the user that exclusively considers the terms and conditions set out below.

1. The database enables the user to find a qualified interpreter or translator for placing an interpreting or translation order or assign a specific project based on the information provided on the language, specialty, qualification and postal code area of PEEMPIP members with addresses, phone numbers as well as other information approved for publication.

2. The user may use the database exclusively for the purpose specified in Section 1.

3. Any other use or processing of data stored in the database is not permissible. In particular, the use of the PEEMPIP online member database in excerpts, in part, or in full for purposes of commercial exploitation, use as a tool for compiling or adding to participant, address or other directories, as well as downloading of the PEEMPIP online member database for the aforementioned purposes or for any other commercial use is not permitted.

4. PEEMPIP may demand from the user an appropriate contractual penalty for each case of commercial exploitation of the PEEMPIP online member database, use of the database as a tool for compiling or adding to participant, address or other directories, as well as downloading of the PEEMPIP online member database for the aforementioned purposes or for any other commercial use. The amount of the contractual penalty is determined with reasonably exercised discretion and can be verified by the respective responsible court in the case of dispute. Claims for damages by PEEMPIP due to unauthorized use of the database shall remain unaffected by this.

5. Users violating the terms of use will be barred from any other use of the database.

6. PEEMPIP assumes no liability for the availability of the database or for the accuracy and completeness of the entries.

7. Use of the database for the aforementioned purpose is free of charge.