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Panhellenic Association of Professional Translators Graduates of the Ionian University

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Whether you are an individual client wishing to translate your documents or an outward-looking business that is trying to establish the presence of its services and products on the international market, here is where you will find a professional translator who can provide you with integrated translation services and will become a trusted partner.


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The Association

PEEMPIP’s mission is

  • to to support graduate professional translators
  • promote the recognition of their social and professional value,
  • facilitate communication among its members,
  • introduce ethical standards of conduct,
  • provide training to its members and
  • increase public awareness.


Find the translator you are looking for in Greece or abroad.
Select the kind of service (translation or interpreting) and the language combination you are interested in, or do a location-based search depending on where you want the service to be provided.

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Why join - Membership Benefits

  • Visibility and prestige in providing translations accepted in public administration.
  • Business promotion through the official member list, which meets the criteria of the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).
  • Updates on job opportunities, competitions and translation projects, as well as education and translation industry news
  • Professional guidance on issues related to the translation industry and an official mentoring programme for full and associate members
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The blog

You will find interesting articles on the field of translation: professional practices and tools, insight gained from conferences and workshops, views on developments in the translation business, events, seminars, presentations, webinars, etc.!

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9 April 2022

A blessing in disguise: how the pandemic is shaping the localisation industry

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24 March 2022

Συμπατριώτες, ή πώς μια λέξη μπορεί να σε στείλει στη φυλακή

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3 March 2022

Λογοτεχνία έναντι θανάτου; Και γιατί όχι;

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15 October 2021

How to become your PM’s favorite linguist

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30 September 2021

Παγκόσμια Ημέρα Μετάφρασης 2021: παραμένοντας ενωμένοι σε μια απροσδόκητη πραγματικότητα

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2 August 2021

Για την ελληνική απόδοση του αγγλικού όρου «coronavirus» και την ορθογράφησή της

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Our partnerships
PEEMPIP is a member of FIT/IFT, EULITA, AVTE and SEGE.