Why join us?

Your membership in a professional and scientific association, such as PEEMPIP:

  • promotes your professional interests at the national and European level, through professional events and coordinated actions;

  • grants you access to a forum for the denouncement of bad practices, the handling of bad debtors, and raising of awareness concerning potential risks or frauds that target translators;

  • helps you understand and uphold your professional rights, in order to seek fair payment and identify abusive terms in employment contracts;

  • offers legal aid and support for the settlement of disputes;

  • plays an important role in your professional development by offering various types of training, such as seminars, webinars, workshops, conferences, etc.;

  • promotes dialogue among colleagues, professional networking and the development of a community with joint objectives that communicates using the same code, in order to build new alliances and expand your professional activity;

  • offers visibility through the online member list;

  • presents you with new tools, new research areas and new translation techniques;

  • provides a blog, as a forum in which you can address a wider audience;

  • highlights your professional status via codes of ethics and professional practice;

  • negotiates special member prices for tools, software and other benefits.

Did you know that PEEMPIP has an official mentoring programme?

If you are a DFLTI student or graduate and a PEEMPIP associate member wishing to take your first steps in the labour market, or a translation professional and regular member, wishing to change areas of specialisation or acquire new skills, our mentoring programme is ideal for you.
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