PEEMPIP recognises and supports the role of translators as intermediaries between people and cultures. As such, they bear significant responsibility for communication and understanding at a global level and they establish trust and reliability relationships with the users of linguistic services.

For this reason, a Code of Ethics was developed for its members and was approved after public consultation. In addition, a Code of Professional Practice and Conduct was deemed necessary and was prepared accordingly. This Code sets standards for the practice and promotion of the profession of translation, as well of collegiality and solidarity, and all PEEMPIP members are encouraged to comply with these standards in their profession.

PEEMPIP’s Code of Ethics and Code of Professional Practice and Conduct draw upon FIT and EULITΑ standards; they were developed after careful review of the relevant Codes in England, Ireland, France and Germany and apply the conclusions of the Aequitas project, while they can also be updated as work conditions and requirements change.