Lifelong Learning

Lifelong learning is a need and a duty for all professional translators. Since 2014, PEEMPIP has compiled and implemented a full, structured Continuous Professional Development Programme, based on the ISO 17100 Standard for Translation Services. This Programme aims to expand, strengthen and develop our members’ professional and personal skills.

The Programme aligns the level of services provided by PEEMPIP’s members to those of other professional organizations, and to those the market demands. In addition, the Association offers Certificates of Attendance to its members, that can be included in work applications for public or private entities. Furthermore, PEEMPIP maintains a relevant certification registry, that ensures the process remains transparent and unassailable.

Our CPD programme combines various educational methods, such as conferences, workshops, professional events, seminars, ideas exchange, etc., all of which aim to improve the professional skills of our members. Full members are required to accumulate 18 Credits over a three-year period, in order to be considered “continuously developing translators”.

Indicatively, each year, from September to June, PEEMPIP organizes a series of seminars (online and offline), covering a wide selection of topics. The trainers are distinguished colleagues, both from Greece and abroad, as well as other, specialized professionals. These seminars are offered, in their majority, to all Full Members free of charge, whereas twice a year we also organize seminars available to our Associate Members.

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Our partnerships
PEEMPIP is a member of FIT/IFT, EULITA, AVTE and SEGE.