Find a translator

Whether you are an individual client wishing to translate your documents or an outward-looking business that is trying to establish the presence of its services and products on the international market, here is where you will find a professional translator who can provide you with integrated translation services and will become a trusted partner.

If you are looking for official translation services, you can go to the Translation Service of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, lawyers-linguists, or graduates of the Ionian University, as the Greek state acknowledges the right of graduate translators to execute translations that are accepted by the public administration. Our network of members covers all of Greece, ensuring that in your area you will find a professional to translate your official documents, promptly and confidentially, ensuring a trouble-free service with a top quality result.

This service is also particularly useful for meeting intra-company translation needs, such as the translation of contracts, tender documents and company certificates to be submitted to Greek authorities or abroad.

Use the search engine to find translators who specialise in the fields of medicine and pharmaceuticals, technology and informatics, financial and bank services, tourism. Translate, speak to consumers in different countries, gain visibility and establish your presence with the help of professional translators.

Prepare your material properly before contacting your translator by studying the following guides that we have prepared for the purchase of translation services:

Translation: Doing it right!

Guide for the purchase of translation services from PEEMPIP