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The mentoring program is open to both our full and our associate members.

Acknowledging the need for a bridge between the University and the industry, and taking into consideration the desire of established professionals to be trained in new ways of working and to hone their professional and business-related skills, PEEMPIP has developed a mentoring program that is intended to support its full and associate members on an individual basis. In doing so, it has become the first association of professional translators in Greece to adopt this approach within the framework of lifelong learning initiatives.

Mentoring is basically a relationship built on cooperation, trust and honesty between two people, the mentor and the mentee; the goal is to exchange experiences, information and advice through regular face-to-face or online communication. This process helps the mentee build up self-confidence, improve professional skills and open up horizons to new possibilities, helping them to overcome the insecurity and uncertainty that can hinder progress and development, unlocking their potential and providing inspiration for the future. The mentor serves as both teacher and protector, and this process provides an opportunity to review his/her own professional knowledge, standards and practices.

The mentoring program is available to all full and associate members of the Association free of charge. Moreover, the participating mentors and mentees are supported in their work by the program’s organising team, and are provided with access to comprehensive material, such as the mentoring guide, the CV drafting guide, etc.

Head of the mentoring team 2019: Panos Papadopoulos
Members of the mentoring team 2019: Sofia Savvoulidou, Alexandra Riga, Haroula Konstantinidou

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PEEMPIP is a member of FIT/IFT, EULITA, AVTE and SEGE.